Simple Steps To A Financially Successful Beauty Business ONLINE MASTERCLASS REPLAY

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- client tracker

- budget planner

- profit & expense tracker

- CPA guide

- access to Loved and Lashed private FB group

When it comes to having a lash business, there is so much more to it than knowing how to fan/having great retention/being booked out. ⁣

We also need to know how to run a business and all of the different aspects that come with having a business such as managing our finances.⁣

Growing up with immigrant parents that were extremely frugal (one pair of shoes a year, only ate out once or twice a year, etc.), I learned how to be smart with my money from an early age but I know not a lot of people know how to do that.⁣

Don’t get me wrong, I loooove going out to eat and buying things I don’t need but it can really come back to bite you when you don’t know exactly how much you’re making/spending.⁣

Now that 2023 is approaching, I thought it would be really helpful to teach exactly how I manage my income & expenses and how I kept track of my business finances and clients even when I was lashing at home and not yet a registered business.⁣

@lovedandlashedbyj and I are to help you prepare and organize your finances and budgeting going into 2023 so you can have your most successful & strongest year yet!⁣