Dreamy Silk Collection - .15 FLAT LASHES

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Diameter 0.15
Curl CC
Length 7-15mm MIXED

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Flat lashes are the new revolutionary lashes for Classic sets. They are the same in diameter as regular .15s but are so much lighter. The base of the lashes are concave (think crescent moon🌙 ) so they literally just SNAP onto the natural lash and has a magnetic-like hold because of it. The tips of flat lashes are also split so it gives the set a gorgeous soft wispy look. The retention is incredible.

  • 18 lines of lashes per tray
  • Mixed trays come with 2 lines of: 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm; 3 lines of 11mm and 12mm; 2 lines of 13mm; and 1 line of 14mm & 15mm
  • All trays come with foiled-back strips for easy removal and no residue left behind on your lash palettes.
  • Curl, diameter and length listed on every strip for easy organization.
  • True black color, no blue hue
  • True to diameter