Guide to Using Tape for Lash Artists

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From speeding up your process to achieving flawless lash placement, mastering the art of taping can truly transform your lash game.

Tape Options for Every Lash Artist: 

  • Sensitive Care Tape: Gentle yet effective, this tape is ideal for securing bottom lashes without irritation. Choose between a ½ inch or full inch width depending on your preference.

  • Nichiban Pro Tape: This Japanese gem is a favorite amongst lash artists. Super soft and flexible, it's perfect for lifting eyelids, taping back lower lashes, and securing everything in place. Bonus points: it's water-resistant and tearable by hand!

  • Eyelid Tape: This innovative tape features an adhesive-free center for a comfortable, secure hold on the eyelid without disturbing brow hairs. Each pack offers 160 individual tapes for extended use.

Love & Lashed Way: Tailoring Tape to Your Clients

We recommend using Nichiban Pro Tape for most clients, opting for the Sensitive Care Tape for those with extra sensitive skin. Here's our go-to taping method:

  1. Secure the Bottom Lashes: Apply three pieces of Nichiban Pro Tape on top of the under-eye pad to ensure no bottom lashes peek through.
  2. Elevate & Isolate: Place two pieces of tape on each eyelid, one at the inner and outer corner. Gently pull upwards to create a slight fold in the skin, slightly lifting the natural lash line for easier isolation and application.
  3. Client Comfort is Key: Double-check that your client's eyes remain closed throughout the process. Use a lash mirror to ensure their waterlines are touching, preventing any irritation from adhesive fumes.

Beyond Prep: The Versatility of Taping

Lash tape isn't just for prep! Here are some bonus tips:

  • Expose Hidden Lashes: Use Sensitive Care Tape to gently pull back existing extensions, revealing the natural lashes underneath for a layered lash look.
  • Advanced Techniques: Many experienced lash artists utilize taping for advanced techniques, allowing for even more creative freedom.

Embrace the Power of Taping!

By incorporating these taping techniques into your lash application routine, you'll experience:

  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Flawless lash placement
  • Enhanced client comfort

So, grab your tape and take your lash artistry to the next level!

What's your favorite way to use tape during lash application? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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