Loved and Lashed Policies


• All appointments require a card on file. Deposits can be used to reschedule one time only. If you need to reschedule again, you will be asked to send in another deposit.

  • You must have at least 50% of current lashes left to be considered a fill
Please note: if you schedule a refill over 3 weeks, it will be subject to a full set price.
  • Fills from other artists:  (+$15)
Cancellations / Late Policy:

• All cancellations/reschedules within 72 hours of scheduled appointment will result in a surcharge.

• If you need to reschedule, please do so before the 72 hour mark. Your deposit will be transferrable for one time only and must be within the same month as original appointment or will result in loss of deposit.

• If you are running late: there is a one-time only 10 minute grace period. Anything over 10 minutes will result in a $20 fee that accrues every 10 minutes past scheduled appointment time. Anything past 30 minutes is an automatic cancellation and you will not be able to book with us again.


• Strictly no guest(s) allowed. They will not be accommodated.

• Please clean your lashes prior to your appointment.

• Showering and washing your hair before your appointment is highly recommended.

No caffeine before your appointment to avoid fluttery/twitchy eyes.

• Do not curl your lashes before your appointment.

• All results will vary depending on how many natural lashes you have, how long they are.


Refunds are not offered. However, if you are experiencing extreme fallout within 3 days of original appointment, please let us know immediately and we will gladly fill and correct it free of charge. Anything over 3 days will be subject to full fill prices.



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Saturday, 10am - 2:30pm