Tutorial: Lash Extension Removal for Professionals

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Disclaimer: This guide is for professional use only and outlines the steps for professional removal of eyelash extensions, prioritizing client comfort.


Sanitize your workspace: Ensure a clean and disinfected environment using medical-grade wipes or disinfectant spray.

Gather your supplies:

  •  Bio Gel Eye Patches: High-quality, lint-free under-eye gel patches for client comfort and protection.
  • XL Micro Swab Applicators: Disposable, lint-free swabs for precise application of remover.
  • Bamboo lip wands and Spoolies: disposable and eco-friendly
  • Nichiban Pro Tape: Gentle lash tape to secure natural lashes for better visualization during removal.
  • Lash Vanisher Remover - Aloe: Select a remover formulated for safe and efficient removal of lash extensions. 
  • Lash cleanser: A gentle lash cleanser specifically designed for removing residue and cleansing natural lashes. We use our Crystal Clean Lash Cleanser Concentrate


The Removal Process:

  1. Client Consultation: Briefly discuss the removal process with your client, addressing any concerns and ensuring they are comfortable throughout.
  2. Eye Patch Application: Gently apply the under-eye gel patches, ensuring they fully adhere to the skin beneath the lash line without touching the lashes themselves.
  3. Lash Securing (Optional): For better visibility of the lash line during removal, carefully apply a thin strip of lash removal tape to secure the natural lashes downwards. 
  4. Remover Application: Using a fresh micro swab, carefully apply a small amount of lash remover to the bonding area between the extension and the natural lash. Avoid saturating the lashes or letting remover migrate towards the client's eye.
  5. Dissolving Time: Allow the lash remover to work its magic according to the product's recommended time frame. This typically takes 2-5 minutes for professional removers.
  6. Gentle Removal: Once the adhesive bond is dissolved, use a fresh swab or tweezers (depending on the technique and product) to gently remove the extension by sliding it off the natural lash in the direction of lash growth. Never pull or tug! 
  7. Repeat and Cleanse: Continue these steps until all extensions are removed. Then, thoroughly cleanse the natural lashes with the lash cleanser using cotton pads. Rinse the lashes with clean water and pat them dry.


Your client's removal is all done and is ready for a fresh set or free to go embrace her natural lashes



Additional Notes:

  • Always prioritize client comfort and safety.

  • Choose high-quality, professional-grade products for optimal results.

  • Adapt the process based on the specific lash removal product and your professional technique.

  • If a client experiences discomfort or irritation during the removal process, discontinue immediately and consult with an ophthalmologist.


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Products used:

Bio Gel Eye Patches

XL Micro Swab Applicators

Bamboo lip wands

Bamboo Spoolies

Nichiban Pro Tape

Lash Vanisher Remover - Aloe

Lash cleanser


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