3 Step Lash Lift System

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Our new 3 step lash lift system comes with: 

  • 10 individual sachets of Perming solution 
  • 10 individual sachets of Fixing (setting) solution
  • 10 individual sachets of Nourish (Keratin) solution 

How to use for lash lifts:


  • Fine Lashes: 10-11 mins
  • Normal Lashes: 12-13 mins
  • Coarse Lashes: 14-15 mins

Apply PERMING STEP 1 directly onto the base of the lashes secured to our new self-adhering adhesive-free jelly shields. Process according to natural lash thickness. Remove once timer is complete and proceed to FIXING.


  • Fine Lashes: 8-9 mins
  • Normal Lashes: 10-11 mins
  • Coarse Lashes: 12-13 mins

Apply FIXING STEP 2 directly onto the lashes secured to the shield to the same area from STEP 1. Process 2 minutes LESS than time chosen from PERMING. Remove once timer is complete. Proceed with NOURISH.


Apply NOURISH STEP 3 directly to the lashes on the shield. NOURISH is a keratin leave on treatment and only excess product should be removed. Nourish breaks down the lift adhesive and separates the lashes from the shield and the shield from the eyelid. Use NOURISH to remove any remaining lift adhesive from the tips of the natural lashes.

Note: The recommended processing times will vary according to the strength and diameter of natural lashes, however, please bear in mind that longer processing times may be needed for different types of lashes. Do not exceed 15 minutes.

Store at room temperature.