Anti Allergy Gel

Anti Allergy Gel

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Our 🍋LEMON SCENTED🍋 Anti Allergy Gel helps absorb and eliminates fumes from adhesives. It prevents both client and lash artist from inhaling/absorbing fumes into their lungs/skin/eyes - which in turn will help with allergies associated with adhesives. This is a must-have in every lash artists' cart!

Scent: Fresh Lemons


Shelf Life:
Sealed: 12 Months Opened: 2-4 Months (depends how often you use it)


  • Twist open lid and open inner cap
  • Place near client's head during set or near adhesive during practice
  • Close cap and lid after every use to preserve the gel
  • Replace when the entire contents of the jar is empty

    For professional use only.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Store in a cool, dry place.

    This product does not guarantee no allergies to sensitive eyes or clients who have a history of allergies. This product captures, locks, and minimizes amount of inhaling fumes from the open glue drop. 

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