Loved&Lashed Sweetheart Starter Set

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Treat your favorite lash artist to our Sweetheart Starter Set 💞
Our kit packs all the necessary lash artist must-haves into one adorable pouch!


  • our best selling Diamond Bond adhesive✨ ($50)
  • limited edition red heart glue rings ❤️ ($14)
  • 2 lines of our Dreamy Silk lashes in black & brown
  • choice of our new Diamond dust Charmed tweezers, Diamond dust Adorn tweezers or regular Charmed XL tweezers ($50)
  • & of course our cute valentines stickers and Loved and Lashed pouch ($31)

What is diamond dust? It refers to a special material coating the tips of tweezers used for grabbing lashes. This innovative element allows for a comfortable, all-around grip while effortlessly fanning out lashes. Think of it as a superior alternative to traditional fiber-tip tweezers, providing the same all-around grip without any hard ridges.