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Get the first 19 pages from my Train Like A PRO manual to see if this course is what you need.


The complete Train Like A Pro manual is for my lash artists that are ready to take their career to the next level and become lash educators and mentors. We've all heard of the horror stories of trainers out there that didn't do a good job training. This is actually what fueled me to create a course for lash trainers specifically. I felt like there wasn't really a guide out there to show you what a GOOD lash training should consist of so that's why there were so many "bad" trainings.

I know it's a huge step to take in your lash career so l've taken everything I've learned over the 3+ years I've been training and broke it down step by step to make it less daunting. I also get into some of the mistakes I've made as a beginner lash trainer and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

TRAIN LIKE A PRO is really the ultimate guide for my lash trainers and includes everything you could think of and it even comes with a complete manual for you to customize for your students. Literally the entire design of the manual and all topics you need to cover is already made for you; all you need to do is edit the content and you're done!

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